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Anica & Jordan

Anica & Jordan's wedding day started off on a very messy foot on my end. I always leave extremely early on wedding days. Getting to venues with more than enough time keeps me calm and prepared. On the way, I realized half way into my drive that I had left my breast pump at home. Thankfully I had left enough time and running back home was no problem at all. When I was one minute away from the venue, I had made a wrong turn. When turning around, my car somehow went into a muddy ditch! Thankfully there were friendly neighbors and strangers driving by who pulled my car out and I somehow made it to the wedding on time. Anica laughed at me and we were all okay. Let's hope nothing like this ever happens again!

Anica and Jordan got married at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center in New London, MN. They were surrounded by fields and fields of tall grass, trees, and water. It was such a beautiful day and the sun couldn't have behaved any better. Enjoy a little look into their day.

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